Monday, March 28, 2011

back to life, back to reality

spring break is over. the next break i have to look forward to is summer- when i graduate. this is becoming all to real. the bittersweet feelings are beginning to take over as i contemplate my future, my relationships and the choices i have made up until this point of my life. at this very moment, i feel that the best scenario would be to go back to a high school grad and do college all over again. if i could relive these past four years for the rest of my life (an elongated groundhog day) i feel that i would be forever happy.
on the other hand, i want to enjoy the rest of my years doing amazing things for myself and others. i want to be 'successful', 'live the american dream' and still have time to volunteer and do things that make me happy. this is a promise to myself. i will work hard and play harder. transitions were never my forte, so that is a change i am willing to accept and welcome with open arms.

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